5 Best No-Cost Cyber Security Practices

5 Best No-Cost Cyber Security Practices

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Cyber security is complex, highly technical subject that’s that is better left towards the Asperger-nerd within the computer room battling from the pimply-faced hacker sucking lower Mountain Dew in the mother’s basement, right? It is a cat and mouse game that pits the white-colored hats from the black hats, the anti-virus computer scientists from the online hackers, right? It really is and not the arena of the typical small business operator, right? Wrong, wrong, and wrong!

Let’s say I said that human error was more accountable for data breaches in 2008 than hacking? Let’s say I said that hacking was third around the Id Theft Resource Center’s (ITRC) categorized listing of loss of data methods? In fact cyber security is really a people problem first along with a technology problem second.

More Awareness, Less Reliance

I have arrived at a outstanding, otherwise depressing realization within my it career. During the last twenty years of talking to, I have visited lots of clients in countless facilities and that i can certainly count the amount of occasions I had been ever given any kind of cyber security orientation – exactly once. I have walked into propped-open back doorways more manufacturing facilities than you are able to shake a stick at, and generally waltzed up to a piece of equipment user interface, connected my laptop, and began pounding away in the keyboard while smiling and waving at having faith in operators I’d nothing you’ve seen prior met within my existence. The conclusion is that this most companies, small and big alike, is totally oblivious towards the weakest link within the security chain people.

The misperception that cyber security is about technologies are a significant mistake made by both big and small companies. The little companies frequently believe that they’re not sophisticated enough to use their very own cyber security programs and, therefore, either neglected altogether or just delegate it for an IT subcontractor. The big companies spend huge amount of money on invasion prevention systems, biometric security, along with other sophisticated technological countermeasures.

Hopefully right now I have made the reality that cyber security is all about even more than firewalls, Trojans, and keyboard loggers. So without further delay, this is a listing of five no-cost practices every organization can use which will go a lengthy way toward securing their data.

Use Passwords, Rely On Them Well

OK, show of hands… the number of individuals are moving your vision? It may sound apparent, but password idleness and ignorance remains the number 1 vulnerability for personal computers. I know the way painful it’s nowadays to keep all the user names and passwords within our lives nowadays. However, it’s the world we reside in so we must accept it and follow these minimum password practices:

No shared passwords: This is particularly common in process automation where you can find many people that use the same machine. Everybody must their very own unique username and password.

Complex passwords: Use mixtures of letters and figures, preferably made up of a number of words that aren’t within the dictionary. Why? Look at this article about Dictionary Attacks.

Change passwords: This really is most likely probably the most annoying of those three practices, and that i confess it aggravates me to need to do. However, altering passwords periodically is among the how to prevent misuse of the password that’s unknowingly (or perhaps deliberately) disclosed.

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